Airopack is a revolutionary technology for dispensing fluids or other medium to high viscosity materials, using a patented pressure control device. Airopack is a new platform alongside traditional dispensers and aerosols. While aerosols use metal and chemical propellants, Airopack uses transparent PET and compressed air, reducing its CO2 footprint.

Airopack is designed to work with a wide range of product formulations, whilst providing constant dispensing pressure with zero strokes to prime and 360 degrees dispensing options. With a range of applicator nozzles and different pack volumes available, there is an Airopack for every brand and application. Airopack also offers a wide range of standard product formulations. The highly experienced laboratory staff may also partner your R&D team to develop custom formulations that can be filled in the Airopack world-class production facilities.


With Airopack, it is possible to create a transparent or decorated package that really shows off your product on the shelf. Airopack can for example provide sleeve decoration (by Rivièra) to reflect your brand identity and optimise shelf differentiation.

Airopack contacted Rivièra in order to develop a sleeve decoration for the Therme skincare Foaming Shower Gel range. In close cooperation with the design-team Rivièra developed stylish matt white sleeves printed in Offset – Gravure combination print, a real eye-catcher on the shelf! By selecting a special base material also an additional feature, a soft touch effect, could be added to the sleeved Airopack. With a full service operation, Airopack provides customers with a complete, ready to sell product for fast market introduction. This includes the formulation, decoration design, filling, sleeve decoration (by Rivièra) and logistics.


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