Capsleeving - Attracts the customers eye at the point of sale

Shrink sleeves on closures or over-caps. This is a perfect opportunity to attract customer interest and communicate a strong message. Another option is to use the sleeved caps for promotional campaigns.

Capsleeves are very well suitable for closures of liquid detergents and cleaning agents but there are more applications for this product.

CapsleevingYour benefits

The Capsleeve provides a neat and professional packaging solution, produced ( sleeved) at Riviera in co-operation with our partner CCL-Label who will print the sleeves and, if required, add some special printing features to the sleeve.

Capsleeving is a great marketing tool that can be used for clear messages and cross branding. A 360° decoration is possible and offers plenty of space for your messages, photos or QR-codes.

The Capsleeve will be produced at Riviera so no modification in your production process and no capital investment is needed.

CapsleevingYour opportunity

Capsleeving can be applied to dosing caps, closures and over-caps offering a new and expanded surface for communication.

It is an opportunity to increase shelf exposure by using the cap for new or more messages and can also be used for promotional tools. It is possibe to place a promotional item underneath the capsleeve, such as a small booklet, a scratch & win code or a sticker. As the capsleeves comes with a twin perforation the consumer can get at the promotional item easily.


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