Warsteiner & IFFR 2017

Warsteiner welcomes the visitors of the International Film Festival Rotterdam ( IIFR) for the 3rd year in a row with a Limited Edition beerbottle. A unique bottles showing the cooperation between Warsteiner and IFFR in a creative way. This year the designs fits perfectly to the IFFR campaign of IIFR: Planet IFFR. On the (sleeved) bottle the iconic tiger is printed as a colourfull planet – Planet IFFR – on a black background. The text "welcome to planet IFFR” welcomes all visitors to the film world presented by IFFR.

Limited Edition

The Limited Edition beerbottle is available during the festival period (from Wednesday January 25 until Sunday February 5th) at selected locations in Rotterdam.

Rivièra the sleevespecialist

Just like in 2015 and 2016 for the 2017 IFFR Limited Edition, Warsteiner contacted Rivièra in order to take care of the sleeve decoration. The required looks and quality have been achieved by printing in Offset – Gravure combination print. Rivièra sleeved and carefully repacked the filled botttles on one of their 6 automatic sleeving lines. Please click here for an impression of sleeving process of the Warsteiner bottles. 

The 3 IFFR Limited Editions which is the sleevedecoration provided by Rivièra Product Decorations BV.

Limited Editions 

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