Waldemar Behn GmbH

Protecting the product

The bottles of Dooley’s liquor by the german family company Waldemar Behn GmbH are sleeved by Rivièra since 2006. "Our product is very sensitive to UV and other sorts of light. Apart of the extensive possibilities in design, the protective effect of the sleeve is also an important reason to choose this kind of packaging for our product.”

High quality standards
"In 2006 when they started sleeving our bottles, Rivièra was still a small flexible company. Through the years both quality management and logistic skills have grown to a large extent. We hardly ever have to contact them to report sleeving problems. They contact us though when the thickness or printing of the foils don’t meet their high quality standards. They also keep us informed in new development and are ringing new ideas in sleeving techniques. "


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